North American- Obliterators.

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About Us

We are a group of people who just want to game in a nice community. we have no age limit or special conditions per game to join our groups. that means you can have a teir 1 tank, lvl 1 character and still join our groups.

We may have a commander but the members are really in control for they decide what games to play.


PC GAMES. we play several pc games including.

World of tanks

World of Warplanes

Runes of Magic

Star trek Online

Forsaken World

Legue of Legends

Steam group north american obliterators
Want to join use then sign up and begin the gaming experience.
If any member is interested in starting  a teamspeak 3 or any other group voice chat are welcome to do so and will recieve credit and promotion.
Our group leader has not been elected but our unelected commander is Afallentree (one of his gamer tags) we have not yet built up the main command structure.


2nd commander- 

tech advisor- 



PC commander- 

X-Box commander-

Board game Commander-

PS3 Commander-

BMF Is a active clan simply out to win and team. commanded by nfamousNinja.